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Squint is a live upscaler companion program for Aseprite that allows you to see live what your drawing would look like upscaled through one those filters:

  • xBR-lv1-noblend (simpler, but less fancy)
  • xBR-lv2 (fancier with extra smoothness and settings

It is provided with a Lua script that has to be run by Aseprite to make the connection with the tool.

Using Squint

  1. Launch squint. It should be waiting for a connection.
  2. Open Aseprite and the sprite you want to upscale
  3. Launch the client script.
  4. A small window should appear in Aseprite. It's non-blocking, you can still edit your sprite while it's on, just leave it out of your way.
  5. Aseprite is now trying to connect to squint.
  6. Once squint shows your sprite, it's ready to go!


  • F1 to toggle the help screen.
  • F2 to toggle the background's color between white and dark gray.
  • Right-click or TAB to toggle the options screen.
  • S to save the current result into saved.png.
  • F12 to screenshot.


  • ? - I can't find the script option in the File Menu
    • Sounds like you either have an outdated version of Aseprite. Please make sure to have a recent one. 1.2.30 should be the first version fully compatible with squint.
    • For linux tinkerers: some repositories can have or make build a version without this feature. You might need to to build your own version of Aseprite.

Thanks to

  • David Capello for Aseprite, of course.
  • Lampysprites for working on Pribambase and having Aseprite be added WebSocket support and providing a sample project that kickstarted squint's development.
  • Raysan5 for working on Raylib, the framework squint is based on.
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squint-windows-x64-0.2.1.zip 249 kB

Install instructions

Aseprite setup

  1. You need a recent version of Aseprite (at least 1.2.30).
  2. Install the extension named `squint-client.aseprite-extension`. Either double-click the file or install it through Aseprite by locating the "Extensions" tab in the Preferences menu, pressing the "Add Extension" button and locating the extension.
  3. If you find the "Connect to Squint" menu entry in the File menu, you should be ready to go!

Development log


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Love this so far!
I haven't made anything with the filter yet, but throwing my old work into it looks pretty promising.

Thank you so much for making this. c:


Would love a macOS version 🥺

Ha! as soon as I saw this I thought of Polyducks and Tarius, lol

(1 edit)

Actually, if you check this specific Twitter thread, you'll see that both of them gave me the inspiration to do this tool!

EDIT 2024: I deleted my Twitter account since I wrote this comment so the link is most likely going to be a dead link.

This is looking incredible! Excited to see how it develops.