v0.1.1 - Intel iGPU fix and a new setting

Hello there. Here's the first update for squint. Mostly a bugfix release meanwhile I clean and sort stuff out to speed up future expansions of the tool.


  • xBR shaders have now a corner mode selection setting that alters the way they match and interpolate the pixels.


  • xBR-lv2 now compile and works on Intel HD iGPU.
  • The masking color, a magenta with out-of-bounds values, has been tweaked to avoid leaking into the sprite.
  • The "Save picture" shortcut wasn't working unless the GUI was shown. This was fixed.

In the future releases, I'll set up a better way to manage the Aseprite script. You'll probably have to delete the current script (client.lua) the day the update will land and install the extension instead. I'll keep you updated once the switch will be done. Also I'd like to work something like a .GIF export from squint to make exporting animations a breeze.

I also keep a backlog where I write all the tasks I'm working on the tool. Keep an eye on it to see where I'm going. I'll also read the comments here, so if you have a question or anything to report, feel free to poke at me.

(That's mostly a question for me later, but should I enable the discussion board?)

Here a sample file where I only change the corner mode in the xBR-lv2 version. The biggest changes are the way the character's eyes look, the character's main shape, the way the walls are joining or ending and the small brick dots over the character's head. Feel free to tweak the setting to match your tastes!


squint-windows-x64-0.1.1.zip 241 kB
Feb 06, 2022

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