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This is a prototype for a tactics-like game I'd like to build.

The game is a turn-based tactics game. One by one, all the characters on the level will move and act accordingly to the turn order determined at the start of the battle. Not much more is to be said given the current state of the project. Right now there's only one action and kind of movement doable. In future versions, I hope to add more to that, making the foundations of an actual game.

Being a Devtober 2022 submission, I post here a version to show the current state of the project after working on it most of my October free time. Most of the month was spent making the base foundation for A.I. with some extra visual bits and bobs. The project doesn't look much like a game for now,


  • Left click : Select
  • Right click : Cancel
  • Left arrow / Right arrow : Cycle camera views
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Tactics_win.zip 14 MB

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