Fight against the top #1 band and set your *new*music genre (which actually is a mix-up of two old genres) as the best seller, for now...

This is only using the mouse. YOu can select characters in your team (the blue pants one) with left click and move them with right click. They'll automatically attack. (They will act alone, but a bit of help is always welcome!)

Source : Github (MIT Licence and CC BY 4.0 for assets)


The linux release might need a few libs. I'm sorry but I don't know what kind of requirements you would need except sutff like OpenGL, Xorg and an audio server.

Known issues

Currently, there is an issue with Haxeflixel games losing tab focus on web target or getting the mouse of bounds. If it happens to you, I'd suggest you to not switch to another tab or window while you're playing This is going to be fixed on Haxeflixel 4.4 release, sadly after the Jam.

There is also Neko versions for both Linux and Windows. You should be able to play with them instead if you can't on web.


Fight for the Mike! Jam (Linux 64-bit) 4 MB
Fight for the Mike! (Windows x64/Neko).zip 9 MB